Attore, modello, musicista


Alessandro Egger (born September 6, 1991) Italian-Serbian male model, singer and actor. Recognised as Nick in the teen-drama situation comedy called The band and known of course for being present in most of the Dolce Gabbana or Versace fashion shows since the beginning of his career. (Wikipedia)

 Our Lives mostly around chasing dreams, right? So we have something to strive for, because without dreams we could perish, but we Humans are rational creatures, however beside rational influences we need spiritual influences also and Alessandro Egger definitely possesses both properties. The reason why this interview arises is because since we met each other we keep in touch considering we both share the same interest, fashion, art, healthy Life, being nice to others and of course we both are chasing our dreams. I did meet Alessandro in an ordinary situation, but saw at the first time that he is not just an ordinary person, he knows what he wants in Life and considering his career he probably knows how we can achieve that.

Alessandro You have written a message I think at your Facebook about never giving up your dreams, because dreams can come true if we believe in it enough. Tell us please about that, tell us how do you chase your dreams? What's your advice to us to make it come true? 


Thank you at first for the kind words you have spoken and for the time you have given. Well, you chase a dream mostly like you go to the grocery store, even if they seem to have nothing in common, these two examples have in common a process.A process made of steps and rules. Going to the grocery’s requires the time to go, the money to buy and the right food and beverage to drink.To succeed you require the time to dedicate, the strategy to follow, and the experience to improve.You achieve something by simply following a lead and some specific rules looking at someone that already did it. Chasing a dream can be a long, frustrating and a hard journey but it Definitely pays off, even when you accomplish a little step, you feel good, think about it, if you accomplish more little things one day you will wake up having a big thing. Never forget how it started and how you felt in the beginning, never forget to be polite and generous for how much it's possible of course, being good needs to be genuine not a weakness. Being focused it’s the most important part.Follow, breathe, speak and surround yourself with the atmosphere of your dream, you have to live inside of that bubble, be coherent with what you are following and loyal to the schedule.If you have to do something there is no excuse, if you have to wake up early or go to sleep late, No excuse.You don’t need nothing more than what you already have in this precise moment to succeed, you are already a success if you are thinking to succeed, because that’s the first step. Taking Act. 

You do modelling, acting and making music also. About modeling I do not think I need any questions, because everybody knows by Versace, Dolce Gabbana or even Iceberg, you are at home at the catwalk, we could definitely say "I came, I saw, I conquered", but I think it is difficult to unite the three different ways and not having trouble with lack of time! Please tell us about how you divide your time, how can you always concentrate 100% on what you are doing at that moment, how do you prepare yourself to giving the result what we get to see in your acting and music work or of course also in modelling? We do not need to forget that there is of course also a big requirement on personal Life too, right? How do you manage to have the results that you would like? 


Even at home you can be a stranger so home is where your heart is, and my heart is made of entertainment.I love to entertain people for a good purpose, it’s the way I am everyday. Making rap freestyles it’s on the daily schedule for me, I act when I model and when I don’t model I am still a model in the eyes of people, by the way I look and the way I dress, so i really never quit because that’s me it’s not someone I’m impersonating.I find the time to do all because as I said I love it and it’s really part of all my existence and lifestyle, every occasion it’s good to bring out what I love. Being labeled with this designers it also requires big responsibilities, because you are an image not only for the brand but for all the people that work around the brand and buy the brand, so it’s a big responsibility to be linked with these brands, you are in some kind of way an ambassador, because all around the world mostly, people know these brands and they dream when they think of it, so you need to keep that dream alive, and make them dream too. 

I know your are one of those few persons who actually answer self to everybody, lots of people have a personal assistant for social media, you do not have, that means direct contact and big responsibility with fans, but also in my opinion a very honest way to be nice to everybody, I saw also how much you appreciate a nice comment or message, so I was wondering if all those massages that you get inspire you, maybe helping you or giving you a possible new direction to strike, what kind of effects does on you all those hundreds of messages which you get, would you like to tell us about that please? 


If someone finds even a minute of his/hers lives to write to me, for me it’s a big thing, it means that someone is actually giving a part of time to endorse you and show you love. So I want to give back my time to those who did the same. It’s also amazing to feel the reaction because my reply can perhaps change a lot for someone. And I want to always make my supporters feel close to me, feel like I am there for them, I want to give them good examples and good vibrations. It’s important to not lose contact with reality and with what is actually real, that will give you a boost of confidence. A nice message or comment can of course make me feel better because I feel loved and respected for what I do and that’s one of the biggest rewards, take and give back the energy. Let it flow, and do just take it when it comes. 

Well, the secrets of our Lives is definitely about daring to dream and dare to dream big also, make those dreams come true, never ever give up and always go for what you really believe in, but everything in a nice, honest way. 

Sincere thanks to Alessandro for taking the time to answer this questions and I really hope that with this short interview we all better will know him, a little more closer too, but mostly thanks to him for the amazing entertainment as model, actor and singer! Further I'm pretty sure that we hereby get to know more about catching dreams in the right way. You have to try it also, but never forget, the right way is never the easy way!